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Feniex H-2220 Flasher

Feniex Industries is excited to introduce our brand new product, the four channel Feniex Flasher. The Feniex Flasher is hands down the most technologically advanced flasher on the market. It is the only flasher to offer *multiple modes, *dual logic input and *programmable +/- output capability. “The flasher embodies the most important features in a Feniex product; intelligent design, affordability and innovation” said Nick Mazzanti, Director of Engineering. With four, 5 amp outputs and three programmable modes, the Feniex Flasher does not lack in functionality. It connects your lights to 21 flash pattern options and acts as the brain of the module. The product can also be easily installed in any interior part of the vehicle. *Multiple modes: equipped with 3 modes that allow you to program different override settings *Dual logic input: the 3 modes will activate from a 12V- input or a 12V+ input *Programmable +/- output: 4 channels can be set to output 12V+ voltage or 12V- voltage Feniex Industries manufactures American made warning products, where innovation stands and life- saving technology prevails. Feniex’s new age thinking creates products that outperform and cost less than other leading competitors. With innovation at the core of the company, things just got a whole lot brighter.