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Code 3 Scorpion Siren

Siren tone selection is made at the touch of a button! Scroll between wail, yelp, and hyperyelp without losing the ability to choose the tone you want, when you want it. The Scorpion offers a separate function button for air horn. This model the 3932 has the ability to have the horn circuit of your vehicle hooked up to the siren for scrolling of the siren tones and air horn though your vehicles horn switch.

Instant On Allows the siren to remain ready for operation instantly without turning knobs.

Output Short Circuit Protection No more damage to the siren! In the event of a speaker system short circuit, the siren simply shuts down. Once the short is remedied the siren returns to normal operation.

Size The Scorpion has a very small profile measuring only 6 3/4” wide x 6 3/4” deep x 2 1/4” high, allowing it to fit in almost any location you desire. It has a rugged aluminum case work with a slide track carriage for ease of installation in siren racks, consoles, etc.

Dimensions 6 3/4” wide x 6 3/4” deep x 2 1/4” high